Tiles and Small Works

I fabricate my own tiles from sheets of backer board or also called cement board. Each tile is hand cut. All tiles are square. Most popular sizes are 6”x6” and 12”x12”, but any size is possible special ordered. Tiles are not fired like traditional clay tiles but fresco applied oil paintings that are sealed with resin. The tiles are water proof and can be installed as back splashes in kitchens, as decorations in fireplaces or as accent tiles in bathroom remodeling jobs. One of my customers used the tiles as floor decor in front of a sliding glass door. The tiles can be designed to complement any commercial tiles. The tiles can be directly cemented into the wall or ordered to hang as ’small paintings’ with a hanger on the back.

I do make individual tiles that are usually sold out at my art shows. I encourage special orders for your particular needs. Let’s communicate!

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The Small Triptychs below consist of 3 canvas panels which are 4” x 12” x 2” in size, making the overall piece approximately 12” x 13” x 2” painted in acrylics and sand with various finishes of glossy mediums.

They are available for purchase for $ 345.00 shipping included.

“This is a new painting style for me and reverts back to the days when I created large fresco triptychs on recycled doors”.

For more information about my tiles and paintings please contact: Rita Schwab