Rita Schwab is a vibrant and expressive painter. She works with much vigor and is a prolific creator. She works freely and spontaneously when in her element.

She calls her paintings ‘With and Through Spirit’ as most of her works are not pre-planned, rather guided through daily inspiration in meditation and reflection.

Rita loves to work outdoors. Not only does she receive her inspirations from nature, she also adds natural elements into her paintings such as sand, shells, leave imprints, seagrass, spanish moss, crystals and such. ‘When outdoors I can breathe and receive the energies needed to create. Put me indoors and I will suffocate’.

Rita is also a specialist in natural pigmentation as she has a background in ‘Natural Dyeing’ and ‘The Extraction of Natural Pigments from Nature’s Resources’.

Rita Schwab holds a BFA from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL and an MFA from Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Rita Schwab Abstract Painter, Art Instructor, Mother, Gardener
Rita Schwab was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1952. Rita has always loved to paint and do things with her hands. She also has had a close connection to nature and the earth since childhood.
Rita moved to Tallahassee, FL on a college scholarship in 1973. She holds an MFA from Florida State University, graduating in 1981.
Rita has been a self-employed studio artist since the 80s along with working for various art organizations as an Assistant Art Director, educator and college adjunct, workshop leader, and private instructor to adults and children.
Today Rita is a mixed-media abstract
painter. “I use canvas and board alike of any kind of recycled material I can find. I work in oils and acrylics and natural pigmentations made from plants. But I am mostly about texture….I inlay with nature found objects, use sand to thicken paints and sculpt with textured tools. I specialize in fresco painting using a lime based plaster to create a 3D effect in design.
Rita lives presently in Englewood, FL and keeps a studio in the Catskills in the summer.
Rita shows her work locally, nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, at juried fine art shows and art cooperatives. Contact Rita