Meditation and Mandala

Yello OM Mandala

Class 1: The Mandala as the Sacred Circle
Class 2: The Vesica Pisces
Class 3: The Seed of Life
Class 4: The Flower of Life
*Classes 1-4 build on one another, so please do your best to commit to all four!

As we set an intention guided by visualization and meditation we set the theme for our personal mandala as a healing meditation tool. Learning sacred geometry techniques to design our own mandala in a series of drawings. You will go home with several finished Mandala Drawings and a better understanding of Self.

Pre-registration Encouraged.
$150/4 week series/ 2 1/2 hrs each, includes all drawing materials

I can be hired to hold a Meditation and Mandala workshop at your location provided that there are enough participants. Please contact me to make special arrangements. Thank you.

Cleansing and Healing through Art / Meditation and Movement
with Rita Schwab

Rita Schwab is and artist, yoga practitioner and devoted meditator for 30 years.  Her natural talents lie in helping others find themselves through healing, mindfulness and compassion. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and has conducted many workshops and private classes throughout the United States in painting, art therapy, visionary and community work.

Her spiritual guidance includes meditation techniques, creative body movement, improvisational music and abstract expressionist painting.  She holds classes in Mandala work for meditation and personal growth. Her painting workshops are a call to personal transformation.  Her astrological sign lies in Virgo, opening her spirit to extraordinary sensitivities, therefore receptive to individual needs and insights. Rita’s classes are enriching, inspiring and calming.

Rita was born and raised in Germany, received her college education in the United States for the most part, has raised 3 children and has recently made Englewood her primary home.

Please come join her workshops to experience a sense of freedom and calm in these Healing and Cleansing series.

To view class schedules and register for classes please go to Rita

Contact Rita

Please call: 845 667 0166 to create a class suited to your needs.

Meditation and Mandala