A ‘Multiple’ is a painting that consists of more than one panel or canvases. Often a multiple is a painting that is a continuation of design that spreads over several surfaces.

A multiple could also be a series of paintings that immediately relate to each other or is a study of a certain subject.

“I love the idea of multiples especially as I usually produce more than one painting at the time”, explains the artist.

Multiples suit themselves for larger works as they are easier to transport and lighter weight in each unit. The client can have a choice of hanging the piece horizontally, vertically or spread out around a corner or in different rooms.

“My largest multiple was a 64 piece puzzle of 8” tiles displayed in a continuous flow at the art show titled ‘And a River Runs Through It’ at The Arts Upstairs in Phoenicia, NY in 2011. Unfortunately no images are available of this show at this time.

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