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Plein Air in Abstraction
This painting class meets outdoors to study nature with charcoal on paper. We will look at perspective, design, negative space and contour while enjoying the gardens. During the second half of class we will bring our observations to the canvas to create a colorful abstract landscape with acrylics.

Please contact Rita for time and place
$35/class or $125/month

Plein Air Painting

Organic Sculpture Classes in April

Make a Mobile with seed pods
This class will use seed pods from the Queen palm and bring them into a hanging balance that can decor your gardens and sway in the breeze. We will paint the pods and hang them Alexander Calder style exploring balancing techniques.
Bring your seed pods! All other materials included.

Organic Sculpture classes can be taught in your private home as a special home party with your friends; just inquire

Organic Sculptures

Calder inspired mobile

Triptych garden sculpture $ 85.00 per section locally delivered and installed for an extra charge

Make a Garden Sculpture with seed pods

This class will make a standing garden sculpture using seed pods and bamboo poles to decor your garden. We will paint the pods and embed them in PVC piping. Please bring your pods and any old PVC piping you might have; I favor 2” – 3 “ width. Bring gloves and wear old clothing. This is hands-on using tools.
All other materials included. $45

Inquire about time and place or hire me to hold a class at your facility

Garden Sculpture

Abstract Painting for Beginners
see ‘Abstract Painting’ for schedules of my ongoing painting classes
every Wednesday during season 2018 in Englewood, FL

This month: Exploring Montage and Collage
A collaboration of painting on arches or watercolor paper and canvas board creating contemporary designs and imagery. Please bring a canvas board and watercolor paper, scissors, a ruler and your paints.

$35/class or $125/month

Abstract Painting

'Cosmic Glide'; 18"x24"; acrylic painting / collage; $650.00